In which to unleash the Euphrosyne alliance raid in FFXIV

The second Alliance Raid for FFXIV: Endwalker is here with patch 6.3, "The Myths of the Area." You can launch the second of the 3 alliance raids

Euphrosyne, through a side quest. Our FF14 Euphrosyne alliance raid release manual suggests who to talk to to release Euphrosyne.

Once you've met the prerequisites above, you'll want to speak Deryk in Mor Dhona. She will have a blue quest marker above his head

Euphrosyne raids will reward item grade 620 gear, which should help boost your stats by a good amount (until you have raid gear). Keep in mind that

which will give him the "return to the Ghost Realm" quest. It is within the specific location marked below:

Keep in mind that, until patch 6.4, you may only be able to declare one piece of Euphrosyne armor per week

so make sure you only get what you want. Don't by chance need or covet things you don't need! The week restarts on Tuesday mornings.

You can also get the minion Wind-up Halone, a Menphina Triple Triad card, and various orchestras (dedicated to Moonlight, Rhythm of the world

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