Is WWE bought from the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund?

When World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) boss Vince McMahon returned as company president in January 2023, just months after retiring following sexual harassment 

Rumors even circulated that WWE was going to be sold to the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund, also known as the Public Financing Fund (PIF),

So far, we do not have any real claims that such a sale is taking place. We've reached out to WWE for more information and will update this story accordingly.

But tabloid TMZ claims the company has not been bought from Saudi Arabia, as rumors circulated that McMahon got a "big payday" 

According to CNBC, McMahon's return is to help facilitate an agency sale, and WWE had hired JPMorgan to recommend him that way

CNBC also said that legacy media, streaming giants and entertainment protection agencies may want to post offers. Any capacity sales could take place before mid-2023

Sportswriters also tweeted that there has been no such deal, with the original tweet claiming such having been removed:

Saudi Arabia's monarchy has a long record of human rights violations, including crackdowns on women's rights activists and critics of the royal family itself

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