James Cameron Reacts to Ryan Gosling's 'Avatar' Cartoon on 'SNL'

5 years ago, Ryan Gosling became a thing. In a Saturday night sketch that resurfaced these days

the actor played a man who couldn't get over the fact that Avatar 

 a multibillion-dollar franchise that went straight to the highest-grossing movie of all time

The cartoon appeared in the episode that kicked off season 43 of the cartoon comedy show, and the musical guest became Jay-Z.

One aspect that made the comic even more fun is the fact that it had great production values

and Gosling's character goes out of his way to make everyone realize how ridiculous this decision is.

After resurfacing online, Ryan Gosling's comic strip reached 18 million views on YouTube 

The Way of Water, director James Cameron commented on the comic strip, joking that he couldn't get over it either

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