James Cameron Urges All to Be “Guardians for the sea” know

Hollywood is abuzz with enthusiasm for James Cameron's groundbreaking film Avatar: The Way of Water

but don't forget that the Oscar-winning filmmaker is also an avid explorer and innovator who is dedicated to protecting our oceans.

From his work as an explorer and filmmaker, and now with a new multimedia experience in action: James Cameron into the Abyss

which opens Monday at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History

Cameron seeks to convey a crucial message that we must defend. the planet's oceans. “We want to become guardians of the ocean

warriors of the sea, absolutely everyone in our society,” he said.

Described with museum president Lori Bettison-Varga as an "exploration birthday party," 

the new exhibit offers a captivating look behind Cameron's 2012 solo dive that revealed reports to the Challenger Deep inside.

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