Janet Jackson posts her first tour in 4 years

Her 'Together Again' concerts will mark her 50th birthday in her spare time and the singer, 56, told her lovers she couldn't "wait"

to see them again when she he announced it on Instagram on Monday. (22.12.22)

Revealing that she was back on the streets in April 2023 in the northern United States,

as well as in cities like New York, Atlanta, Austin and Seattle, she said in a video: "Guys, I leave you out a lot, I'm so excited to see you.

You have no idea, I've ignored you so, so much, and I can't wait to be with you. I'm so excited."

'Together Again' may even mark the 25th anniversary of her album 'Velvet Rope'

and 30 years since the release of her 1993 album 'Janet'.

Janet's last album was 'Unbreakable' released in 2015, and she toured from September to November 2019 for 'Janet Jackson

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