Japan is trying to supply energy from snow

Researchers in Aomori, Japan began searching for methods to generate renewable energy from snow

 Provide a sustainable power supply and meet any power shortages. Aomori is an impressive metropolis within the United States

In addition to its attractive blue pine forests, the city is known for being one of the snowiest places in the world,

In 2022, there has been so much snow within the city that the government spent an estimated $46 million, equivalent to five. Nine billion yen,

To remove a lot of snow, the Japanese throw it all into the sea.

This method may also seem great at first, however it requires a lot of time, money and resources. 

So a team of researchers from the city-based IT startup fort and the University of Science and Communications

Scientists warn that the increased amount of snow in metropolis Japan could be used to generate a clean and less expensive force.