Japanese government is giving a lot of money to families

The Japanese government will provide 1 million yen (more than R$40,000) for a child ticket for each family

 Moving from the populous capital, Tokyo, to one of the municipalities located within the US provinces of S.

The new amount, which represents an addition of about 700,000 yen to the subsidy currently given to families

According to the Japanese press, the government's main goal is to revitalize the provinces outside the capital

Tokyo's population shrank, according to the latest demographic report, the capital is still considered a strong magnet.

The youngest population of A. As reported by authorities officials to the Kyodo news corporation, the offer is valid for families

And to get the subsidy they have to circulate on the outskirts of this urban conglomerate, although the Government

 It clear that they may also be living in some rural areas on the outskirts of the Japanese capital.