Jay Leno says the car's engine chimney felt like her 'face was in the chimney'

A classic car aficionado and host of Jay Leno's storage, Leno told People that "while you're working with vehicles

you have a variety of accidents," but admitted that the Nov.

12 incident was "bigger than the max." Accompanied by the help of his old friend Dave Killackey

Leno was in his Burbank garage trying to unclog a fuel line inside the undercarriage of his 1907 White steam car. 

Leno reportedly injected air into the gas line to try to unclog it, leaving him with "a face full of gasoline."

A spark from the engine combined with the fuel set Leno's face on fire.

 “I felt like my face was on fire,” he said. "Maybe like the most extreme sunburn you've ever had

as he knew it would severely damage his lungs if he inhaled.

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