Jean-Robert de Cavel dies: "He will stay forever in this city"

He died peacefully in his sleep after a 5- to 12-month fight against leiomyosarcoma, according to his relatives.

De Cavel leaves behind his wife, Annette Pfund de Cavel, and his beloved daughter, Leticia.

“Cincinnati will overlook a splendid and caring chef. However, my daughter and I will miss our husband and pop the most

De Cavel is one of the most famous chefs in the history of the queen city.

“He will stay in this town forever because he raised the bar,” said fellow restaurateur and close friend Jeff Ruby. 

Although Ruby and de Cavevel competed, Ruby says the connection between the two grew stronger and that

“There is a harvest that portends that familiarity breeds contempt,” Ruby said. "I say familiarity breeds appreciate."

The ongoing renaissance of Cincinnati eating places had its roots in de Cavel's culinary empire

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