Jennifer Lawrence and Viola Davis Open Up About Female Action Heroes

Jennifer Lawrence is not one to be easily intimidated, but she is a mess when she dates Viola Davis. 

“This is the greatest honor of my life,” she says before paying him a sincere compliment. 

"Your performance in 'Fences' changed my life," she says of Davis' Oscar-winning role opposite Denzel Washington.

Over the past decade, Lawrence and Davis have changed the face of movies, each in their own way. 

These days, however, when they meet to talk about their work, they realize how much they represent. 

 From reminiscing about the ups and downs of motherhood to taking on an industry that believes male actors are a prized commodity in the field office

This year both actors return to the awards conversation in exciting projects they also produced. 

With "The Lady King," Davis "did weight training five hours in the afternoon, six days a week, for three months at fifty-six

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