Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had a blended family and hummingbird-themed Christmas

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have celebrated their first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Affleck.

We've mixed families, doubled the humans, doubled the laughs, doubled the love, doubled the deals

and tripled the chaos!!" Lopez wrote in her newsletter The J.Lo.

The duo, who held their first wedding ceremony in July, said they have been "sending a little bit of holiday cheer" to everyone. 

The couple celebrated Christmas with their twins Emme and Max, 14 (whom Lopez shares with Marc Anthony)

"I've been curling up at home (and loving it) considering the fact that I finished my remaining movie

She announced that her Christmas decoration this year had a hummingbird theme, inspired by her song "Hummingbird" from her upcoming album

"To me, hummingbirds are messengers of love," she said. “They are also the fastest chickens, but they always have time to wait, eat sweets

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