JK Rowling mocks trans gamer for comments on 'Hogwarts Legacy'

JK Rowling, writer of the Harry Potter series, has become the most prominent face and voice in the world of anti-trans rhetoric

where she spends all day on Twitter bickering with critics and activists. 

 Now, it's been a long time since a prominent trans gamer expressed her thoughts on whether 

or not supporting an upcoming Harry Potter project like Hogwarts Legacy, the sprawling online game, is harmful due to this author's views.

Rowling posted the following tweet, tagging Jessie Earl, accusing her of "pure thought":

Earl's argument came true that she doesn't need to burn the books or movies you already own

which might have comforted you a lot before Rowling's current turnaround, but now

 buying something new like Hogwarts Legacy is knowingly helping her. immediately.

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