Kalinina triumphs over Tauson to win the first one hundred and twenty-five WTA titles in Limoges

The 25-year-old Kalinina no longer followed a set path to the end, upsetting No.1 seed Zhang Shuai 6-3, 6-1 in the quarterfinals

and then notching her first win in six meetings. about seed number nine, Anna. 

Blinkova 7-5, 6-4 in the semifinals. Kalinina had lost a three-set barn to Blinkova in the Cluj-Napoca quarterfinal just two months ago.

"I can't say that I did something special," Kalinina said of Blinkova's win. "Four of our 5 clubs were 3 sets

so it became constantly difficult. I did tweak it a bit at times though, it was more competitive."

The victory is a good end to the season for Kalinina, who was forced to withdraw from the US Open 

and several subsequent tournaments due to a stomach virus. "I basically spent September in bed," she claimed.

The final fight became between two heavy hitters who had already traded a couple of wins this year. 

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