Kantara, the second best sandalwood movie of all time after KGF 2

Kantara is now in itseleventh week and its container office is almost complete

The film suffered a ninth-week slump after its digital release, but was still able to score the fourth-biggest ninth week ever.

The video contains four weekly data on the Indian container office from week five to week 8

even as the second largest for the fourth week. So far, it has raised Rs. 361 crores approximately in India

 and another Rs. 36 crores in distant places for a worldwide box office total of Rs. 397 crores, just below Rs. 400 crore mark.

The film established several facts and crossed several milestones but the biggest one became history 

and went on to top grossing of all time in Karnataka defeating the sizeable KGF Chapter 2.

 The film is Sandalwood's second biggest film of all time, behind only KGF 2.

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