Karol Conká rants about attitudes on BBB21

The 21st edition of Big Brother Brazil was marked by its intensity and essential characters.

Karol Conká wrote the call of him in the history of the application as one of the best villains of the truth.

The rapper faced disapproval from the target market and had to go to therapy to understand the complex behavior she engaged in during lockdown

 Despite the controversies surrounding the rapper, many visitors turn to social networks to ask for the return of mamacita 

Brazil. With terms rewarding the artist's venomous conduct during the fact show, posts comparing her attitudes

This Wednesday (18), Karol wrote a message to the people who reward her behavior today on BBB21

I suppose it's incorrect as a way of rewarding certain attitudes that I had in the afterlife", the voice of "Louca e Sagaz" began

I practically hate myself every time you rescue disgusting scenes. I tried to consolidate myself as a person