Kearse and Bland deliver supplies to the Dallas Offense

It was clean, the Philadelphia Eagles entered the matchup against the Dallas Cowboys on Christmas

Eve having been on the "good" side of Santa's list, or at least that's what it felt like 

 as they jumped out to a 10-yard lead. ten-0 at AT&T Stadium. . But it turned out t

Mr. Claus had other plans, and they largely involved Jayron Kearse, DaRon Bland and Anthony Barr delivering

harrowing vacation packages to their embittered NFC East opponents. The 3 combined for four takeaways in the afternoon,

capping off a tough defensive day in which Gardner Minshew stopped for 355 passing yards 

 Two touchdowns to catch interceptions and two fumble recoveries from the Eagles offense.

He changed to make it hard for us to reach, so we needed to stay true to our policy," s