Kehlani draws a line with fans after sexual assault statement: 'acknowledge me as human'

Singer Kehlani is in her shoes after alleging that a fan sexually assaulted her as 

she walked through the audience after a recent concert.

In a since-deleted Instagram post on Monday, the Grammy-nominated "Distraction" artist claimed

a fan placed her "fingers in my skirt and started pulling at my underwear to touch my genitals."

“This turned my stomach,” they said, according to Billboard. “As a victim of sexual assault

I am constantly being provoked and surprised.” In a TikTok video on Wednesday, the "Up at night" artist also addressed the claim

They assured fans that they are "proper" and at home with their own family.

 Referring to her post about her alleged sexual assault, Kehlani said that she “has no comment. “

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