Kel Mitchell allows Gabourey Sidibe to date in a universe swap

In Everything I Didn't Want for Christmas, Gabourey stars as the unsuccessful Emily

who sends a wish list to Santa Claus one wine-soaked night only to discover the necessities

some of which she doesn't want. even keep in mind write, they clearly come genuine

and your entire global becomes a universe of exchange. With the help of Kel's person

 Emily has to decide between what she needs and what she wants before Santa does his last sleigh ride of the year.

The original sneak peek suggests that Gabourey commands Kel to tell Santa to "give him back" in an apparent connection

Kel begs Gabourey to realize that it's not so easy to ask for one of these items anymore. 

When Gabourey tries to reject the idea, Kel explains that if she doesn't do what he explained

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