Knicks 117, Spurs 114: Scenes from the ugliest win of the season

Not all can be beauty pageants. Once again, the miserable San Antonio Spurs pushed the Knicks to their break factor

The closing week the Knicks withdrew. On Wednesday night, they nearly doubled again.

What became the difference? This time, the Knicks had a healthy Jalen Brunson. His factor guard stockpiled the day

including some overdue grab buckets, to propel them past the Spurs, 117-114.

However, it could also be said that the Spurs lost this much, if not more, than the Knicks won it. 

They got the ball down right at the last minute, but rookie Jeremy Sochan couldn't get the ball out in time

The Big Apple couldn't jump-start the game thanks to their latest mistake at the free throw line (Evan Fournier missed one of two)

but the Spurs couldn't get a potential game-tying shot before the buzzer. That group is not suitable, you guys.

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