Know about Camila Cabello is in her Wednesday era with black lipstick

Camila Cabello is going to be joining Wednesday Addams and the new Addams Family cast

 Movie cast on Fox's upcoming reboot of The Addams Family TV show.

Interestingly enough, Tuesday Fey's iconic Broadway character originated in the 1960s Batman TV 

Show that starred Adam West that aired from 1966-1968. This five season run showcased a plethora of villains

Mexican pop singer's longtime makeup artist, Patrick Ta, is responsible for the bold makeup sexiness that accompanies her looks. When Cabello 

Hence, it’s fitting that Fey and the rest of Americans should get a whole new generation of vile villains to take on thanks to the Dark Knight.

Ta team up, they infuse glint and glam through monochromatic finishes and shimmer. 

Whether it is a nude lip paired with sparkling eyelid decals or the gems once lined up precisely underneath Cabello's brow bone

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