Konnan and Hugo Savinovich criticize the current AEW Dynamite matchup

Whether it's a flow, a match, or a section, no one element will excite anyone in pro wrestling. 

Such was the case with Konnan and Hugo Savinovich during a precise lawsuit in "AEW Dynamite

 Winter Weather is Coming". On the latest episode of "Keepin' it Hundred with Konnan & Disco,

 the two men expressed their feelings about that setting and what AEW is standard

 even going as far as this point to the effect that one of the wrestlers shouldn't appear.

"Don't even get me started on AEW," Savinovich said. "The first two see payments for AEW, I worked for them.

 I support them." From 1994 to 2011, Savinovich became part of WWE's official Spanish-speaking team 

 and has worked in the world of professional wrestling since the 1970s. What it comes down to, for him

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