Korn's merchandising game has been strong of late. Last year frontman Jonathan Davis launched his own brand of pup accessories

cheekily titled Freak on a Leash, and now the pioneers at Nu-Steel have formally partnered with makeup agency

HipDot for a makeup palette celebrating the Twenty-fifth anniversary of Follow the leader

The set comes packaged in a CD-sized case that looks like it meets the main CD you've had on your shelf since 1998

except when you open it up, instead of a plastic disc of the song, there's a border. of eight "tracks"

"We've partnered with HipDot to create a makeup palette specifically to follow the CD leader ahead of his 25th anniversary this summer," Korn said in a statement

"This palette includes eight fabulous 'clues' of various pigmented textures... Our Korn x HipDot Meets the Leading collection is vegan

free of hazardous elements, licensed cruelty-free, and curated to encompass all skin tones." It's on!" (dusty brown - matte).

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