Lamb has answered all questions as No. 1 WR

Once the Cowboys finalized the trade that sent Amari Cooper to the bottom of Cleveland in March

ll eyes immediately turned to CeeDee Lamb. Considered the de facto No. 1 receiver during the offseason,

Though as the season progressed for Dallas and Lamb with all the twists and turns, one element ended

up becoming very clear:Lamb really is that guy. Despite being without Dak Prescott for five 

games earlier in the year, Lamb still put up correct numbers averaging 76 yards

only two touchdowns. The last nine games since Prescott's return were a big story, 

posted four backyard 100-reception games, an average of 89 yards per game and six touchdowns.

In just the last two games gainst the Jaguars anad Eagles, he's finished with a hundred backyard appearances