Last-minute miracle secures worst-to-first playoff bid; Bowl Fancy's Great Act of 'Disrespect': NFL Wrap

Jacksonville went from being the No. 1 pick in the draft to a playoff team by defeating Tennessee 20-16 on Sunday (AEDT).

It's closing in on the Jaguars, who had been the worst team in the league last season under the horrendous leadership

man-management of failed train town Meyer, will host a wild-card round game against the No. 5 seed ( Baltimore or the Florida Chargers). ).

Josh Dobbs went on to threaten to lead the Titans, who lost their final seven games of the season, to a disappointing road win.

But since they were driving with the lead and three minutes left a pressured fumble, and Josh Allen's restoration for a touchdown

Sophomore quarterback Trevor Lawrence passed for 212 yards and a touchdown, while receiver Christian Kirk led the way with 99

2-year-old quarterback Trevor Lawrence threw for 212 yards and a touchdown even as receiver Christian Kirk led the way with 99

The top seed guarantees a first-round bye for the Chiefs, who forgo the regular season with a 14-3 record and seek their third incredible Bowl

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