Laurel's December 26 Stakes card has been postponed until December 30

Out of an abundance of caution, due to the ice storm that Elliott predicted will bring gusty winds

 no blood in the Arctic and threats of flash frost in the Mid-Atlantic over the weekend, the Maryland Jockey 

membership postponed its Christmastide Stakes Day program at Park of the Laurels. .

Initially scheduled for Monday, December 26, the full eleven-race application was moved to Friday, December 30. 

The live races are scheduled to renew on Thursday, December 29, with the final of the 48-day

 fall competition scheduled for Saturday, December 2. 2. 31. “Due to the weather conditions expected over the weekend, 

we decided to cancel our early Monday program and accommodate our lovers as well as the jockeys and jockeys

who will be taking part in this splendid day of racing. said Mike Rogers, interim president of the Maryland Jockey membership.