Leonard Fournette goes after his critics, famous foot injury in deleted tweet

It's unclear why Fournette deleted the tweet. Fournette respectfully saved the air 

she directed his criticism at him. He didn't say anything inflammatory or disrespectful.

Because of that, we can bet that the tweet was probably deleted due to Fournette 

speaking up about the damage. Fournette has appeared on the Bucs' injury file more than once

 but only once with a foot injury. That came in week 14. In recent weeks, he no longer ignored the drill or received a damage designation before games.

NFL teams generally want to keep those records at home. Opponents can gain an aggressive 

advantage by using specific details on a participant's damage. It's also possible that the Buccaneers 

want to get in trouble for not including Fournette's foot difficulty in the damage document.