Listen to the Hogs defensive transfer

Arkansas turned into a near-huge meltdown in a thrilling triple win beyond regulation on Wednesday, topping the Kansas

Jayhawks 55-53 in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee. With the win, the Hogs finish

 the standard season 7-6. The Razorbacks led 38-13 at 0.33 midway 

 the quarter before Kansas began to slow down and finally erased a fifteen-point deficit in the final two minutes to go into regulation. 

. A game that featured 108 points and nearly 1,300 combined yards of overall offense didn't quit until someone stopped it

 it became Arkansas, who took the final position when Kansas' reverse jump attempt fell incomplete at 1/3. of the extension.

sealing the victory for the Hogs. "There were cases where I felt like we gave it back to them," 

they paid a price there at half time. Unfortunately, we didn't go straight for the ball at the back