Many tickets canceled for Friday. Bunny's terrible concert night in Mexico

After the Taylor Speedy Eras tour fiasco last month, one might hope that Ticketmaster is on top of their game

 However, on Friday night, thousands of hideous Bunny fans were denied entry to the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City,

Fans claimed the venue told them their tickets were invalid

and photos showed the stadium's general admission area was half-empty a few minutes before the terrible Bunny took the stage. 

Despite the performance continuing as deliberate, many fans were disappointed not to be able to see Benito live 

and raised additional concerns about how Ticketmaster is managing stadium-sized activities around the world

plus. big for tonight Below are the details of the aftermath of Bunny's horrifying live performance Friday in Mexico City.

Terrible Bunny's concert in Mexico City on December 9 was no longer available despite being a sold-out live performance.

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