Martin Duffy, keyboardist for Felt and Primal Scream, dies at 55

Martin Duffy, the Felt keyboardist who went on to play with Primal Scream, the Charlatans 

and many other UK companies, has died, the BBC reports, citing tweets from Tim Burgess

Steve Duffy. He injured his brain in a fall and died peacefully surrounded by his family, his brother said. Duffy turned 55 years old.

Raised in Birmingham, Duffy joined cult indie-pop band Felt in 1985, and their playful organs have become the quintessential jingle

most notably on the 1986 classic forever Breathes the Lonely word, which featured Duffy staring plaintively.

 from the duvet . At some point in the late '80s, he was working as an auxiliary keyboardist in Primal Scream

and in 1991, two years after Felt broke up, Duffy joined the Scottish band full-time. He played on their pivot to rave-rock

 1991's landmark Screamadelica album, and every album from the institution up until their modern 2016 Chaosmosis.

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