Matt Lucas will leave the fantastic British Bake Off

Matt Lucas has announced that he is stepping down from his catering position at the exquisite British Bake Off.

The forty-eight-year-old comedian, who has hosted the famed Channel 4 show alongside Noel Fielding for 3 series

explained he was leaving because he should no longer commit to the show's schedule alongside his other initiatives,

 including his new website. . hosting position on the revamped comedy show delusion football League.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, he wrote: “Bye bye baking! It's been a scrumptious delight 

and I can't imagine a more fun way to spend my summers.

“But it seems so clear to me that I can't offer both Fantasy Football League and Bake Off in all my other projects.

"So after three series and fifty-one episodes, I'm happily passing the baguette to someone else."

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