Mayfield 'tremendous' orchestrates Rams' dominant victory

After the best performance by Baker Mayfield in his brief stint in the l. A. The Rams report that Sean

McVay has been asked if the quarterback was as good or better than

 expected since Mayfield joined the team on Dec. 6. "I guess in all probability better," McVay said.

But you know I've always been a fan of his, and I guess he plays really well. 

And he also makes you think about what he's done to come

here and mess with a lot of men, too." "They haven't been here, and on track to 

lead the price today. Just a superb effort... It's been amazing." On Sunday afternoon,

14 win over the Denver Broncos in a game Los AngMayfield led the Rams to a 51-eles couldn't clear.