Men's hobby of sex linked to early death risk, Japanese study finds

Lack of sexual interest may also indicate a higher risk of premature death among men living in Japan, according to a recently published study.

The precise relationship between mortality and libido is something researchers will want to leave out, though researchers speculate that reduced sexual

The data comes from 20,969 people (8,558 men and 12,411 women) aged forty or older who underwent annual fitness checkups

over a six-year period in Yamagata Prefecture, a mountainous area in Japan known for its hot springs. temples and herbal remedies. beauty.

A group of researchers from Yamagata University verified the subjects' ranges of sexual interest as reported in an initial questionnaire 

The researchers found that cancer mortality and all-cause mortality were significantly higher for men who had lost sexual interest.

That affiliation held even when they controlled for things like age, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, alcohol use,

"This study is the first to prospectively look at associations between sexual interest and overall mortality, and cardiovascular and cancer mortality

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