Metropolis Manchester sneaks into Everton's box; any other goal for Haaland

A win is vital for the boy from town (36 points, second region) if they are to keep pace with PL leaders Arsenal (40 points), who 

now lead with the help of four points ahead of their 2018 match. Matchday 18 on Saturday. The Gunners will move within seven 

points of the two-time defending champions after just 16 games, if they beat Brighton.

Everton contained Manchester City for the last 15 minutes, but possession and tension never abated, and an intention always

feels inevitable while Haaland is preoccupied. The great Norwegian conceded the goal (his 21st of the season, in just 15 

 Riyad Mahrez was the magic man who pushed his way between two defenders and knocked Jordan Pickford off his line, before cutting the ball closer

 to the penalty spot, at which point the shot became a recurring one for Haaland.

The Toffees went 63 minutes without attempting a shot, but the Toffees made their first contingent in the game.