Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa placed in NFL concussion protocol

The statement comes a day after Tagovailoa played the entire game since the Dolphins' loss to the Green Bay

 Bay Packers. It's the second time this season the 24-year-old quarterback has fallen under the concussion protocol.

It also comes several months after he came under the spotlight for obvious head injuries and the league and players

 union agreed to replace Protocol: NFL Guidelines for Evaluating and Concerning Players Suffering a Concussion. . . cerebral.

McDaniel said Monday afternoon that he only learned "a couple of hours ago"

Tagovailoa was displaying signs and symptoms of concussion and was included in league protocol 

 the workers' medical staff. He couldn't pin down a second in Sunday's game that Tagovailoa could have been injured.

It's unclear if Tagovailoa could play this week against the New England Patriots, coach