Michael Flatley undergoes surgery after being identified with 'competitive form of most cancers'

Michael Flatley was diagnosed with "a competitive form of cancer" and underwent surgery, according to a claim about him on his Instagram account

The sixty-four-year-old dancer and choreographer rose to fame in the Irish dance production Riverdance, which was first performed as a seven-minute interval

The post on Flatley's Instagram account read: "Dear friends, we have something personal to share, Michael Flatley has been identified with an aggressive

After Riverdance's Eurovision success, it was extended to a full-length run, opening at Dublin's Point Theater in 1995.

Flatley, who was born into a blue-collar Irish-American family in Chicago, followed up with his own level show, Lord Of The Dance.

He has also created, produced and directed different productions with Feet Of Flames and Celtic Tiger.

In the film, which also stars Eric Roberts, Patrick Bergin and Ian Beattie, Flatley plays ex-MI6 agent Victor Blackley

The remaining 12 months, Flatley also launched a Lord Of The Dance excursion to raise money for the humanitarian effort in Ukraine

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