Mila Kunis Was 'Cuddled Up' To Ashton Kutcher's Side During Life-Threatening Illness

Ashton Kutcher opened up more about his life-threatening battle with the autoimmune disease vasculitis

and praised his supportive wife Mila Kunis. During an appearance on the new Paramount + series 

Ashton was privately identified with an extraordinary form of vasculitis in November 2019.

“I woke up in the future and started having vision problems, I could barely see. I couldn't hear

which affected my balance, my stability and I couldn't walk and I had vasculitis," the 44-year-old said. 

Vasculitis involves inflammation of the blood vessels, according to the Mayo Medical Center.

Ashton said he was influenced "to regain the health" he once had after handling the severe contamination.

"Part of it is this intellectual component that I have to fully recover after waking up in the hospital.

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