Mills Lane, Hall of Fame Boxing Referee, Dies at 85

Turbines Lane, the hall of reputation boxing referee who became the third man in the ring as Mike Tyson bit

Into Evander Holyfield's ear, died Tuesday. He became eighty-five.

Lane had suffered a stroke in 2002 and his son, Tommy, said his father had taken a turn for the worse

He died at his home in Reno, Nevada, along with his wife, Kaye, and children inside the home

"There may be a little bit of relief that he's not caught up in that circumstance, but we'll all get over it," Lane said.

A boxer who received an NCAA championship in 1960, Lane went 10-1 as a professional 

Respected for being difficult but fair, his "come on, go ahead!" The command became the last words heard before many memorable fights.

 I mourn your loss. May he also relax in peace ”.

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