Milwaukee greenbacks @ Boston Celtics, summary, classification, best moments, NBA 2022/23

Jayson Tatum (41 points) and Jaylen BA blistering overall performance by rown (29 points) proved

 Too much for the bucks as they fell to their third straight loss.

A disappointing night for Giannis, who only controlled one 3-pointer all night when Khris Middleton's

absence for the greenbacks begins to show. In the final minute and Boston with a commanding lead

The most points scored by the Celtics on Christmas Day! It's been a frustrating night for Milwaukee's No. 34 tonight.

Greenbacks on the right track for their third straight loss Game officials rewatch the action when Giannis receives a technical foul.

Tension flares when Clever has lines with the dollar bank. Giannis and Brown also faced each other like greenbacks feeling the frustration

The Bucks refuse to throw in the towel even though there are only five minutes left in the game.