Miss France 2023 is Indira Ampiot from Guadeloupe

Indira Ampiot from Guadeloupe will be crowned Miss France 2023 on Saturday, December 17 at M.A.CH 36

The 18-12 month old beauty from Basse-Terre beat out 29 other contestants representing various French regions 

and departments to become the fourth lady from Guadeloupe to win the national title.

She received the new crown from her predecessor Diane Leyre of Île-de-France.

Agathe Cauet from Nord-Pas-de-Calais was named first runner-up, while Marion Navarro from Franche-Comté

Axelle René from Martinique and Alissia Ladevèze from Auvergne were second, third and fourth runner-up, respectively.

Before prevailing as Miss France, the new queen won the names Skip Basse-Terre and Skip Guadalupe 2022.

During the national competition, she obtained the best marks from both the jury and the French public.

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