Modest inexperienced drummer mouse Jeremiah identified with stage IV cancer

Level four of most cancers,” the baby's mother, Carol Namatame, shared via Facebook on Sunday, December 25

without specifying her son's particular form of infection. "He's [sic] so strong and so brave and he's trying so hard!"

The remaining month, the organization kicked off a tour to celebrate the 25th birthday of their second album

Along with Sunday's post, Namatame covered a series of photos of the 45- to 12-month-old musician over the years

from being captioned to spending time with his own family.

Following Namatame's statement, DJ Marco Collins took to social media to share details of his friend's investigation

claiming the Massachusetts local was pressured into pulling out of the tour early.

"I just found out that my friend Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse) has canceled the band's tour because he is currently undergoing chemotherapy for stage four cancer,"

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