Netflix Stock Is Rising In Its Subscriber Pace

Netflix NFLX +8.46% posted better-than-expected subscriber growth within the fourth region, adding 7.66 million new Internet subscribers, well above the 4.5 million

well above the 4.5 million the company had projected. That helped offset revenue, which came in below forecast.

he company also announced that founder and co-CEO Reed Hastings has assumed the role of CEO to "complete our succession process

" Netflix stated that CEO Greg Peters will join Ted Sarandos as co-CEO of the corporation.

Last year, technology became the most focused sector for US activists, accounting for 27% of campaigns, well above the previous average of 16%,

according to Lazard statistics. No goal was too big: meta platforms META +2.37% (ticker: META), Salesforce CRM +3.31% (CRM), and Alphabet GOOGL +5.34% (GOOGL) 

the names on the look in 2022. And The new year already introduced a new goal with Chewy CHWY +3. Fifty Eight% (CHWY) co-founder Ryan Cohen focused on

On Sunday, January 22, the new postage rates are scheduled to go into effect. The fee for sending a 1-ounce letter through Great Home Mail will increase from three cents

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