Nets scoring ninety-one in first half, crush Warriors 143-113

Little did Jacque Vaughn know that his Brooklyn Nets had a terrific first half to his story.

Kevin Durant scored 23 points, all but a 91-point first half that became a league-high 0.33

as the Nets defeated the Golden State Warriors 143-113 on Wednesday to send the reigning champions to victory

 national with his second. blowout loss at night in the big apple.

“That's what happens when you show up to work and you're set up to work from the start,” Vaughn said.

With Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins sidelined, the Warriors are 1-5 in their East experience 

and will want to bounce back before they have to get back on the court at Christmas against Memphis.

Curry will be sidelined with a shoulder injury, but Wiggins will return 

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