New Dublin-based John Carney film hosts South East Sundance

"Vegetation and Son," starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eve Hewson and Jack Reynor, will have its world premiere on January 22 in a fully in-person

Here's the Sundance synopsis: “Flowers, a young mother living in Dublin, lost touch with aspirations in the past. She juggles a childcare task necessary

she seeks autonomy and self-respect masquerading as selfishness, while his longing for independence and self-expression manifests as delinquency.

"When the two are brought together over a discarded twice-used guitar, the bonding power of music brings them closer than simple proximity can provide.

“In Carney's signature melodic style, 'Flora and Son' is captivating, uplifting and musically astonishing. An energetic rendition of Hewson

hers of hers of hers oceans-crossing chemistry along with hers on-line guitar instructor (Gordon-Levitt) impart a sweeping romance with an Irish twist to this upbeat piece.” .

Carney is also known for directing the highly popular Amazon series "Modern Love," based on the same name columns from the New York cases

Handling a musical role should be right up Hewson's alley, since his dad is Bono. "Plant Life and Son" will feature a full soundtrack of new songs

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