New movies in theaters and on Netflix and Prime Video from Christmas to New Years

If you're looking to escape the summer heat by heading straight to a movie theater

or if you just want to hit the streets at home with some Christmas ham and a movie

 there may be a host of recently released movies that could really slow you down. it's worth it.

Whether you like Daniel Craig as a sharply dressed detective, or a frizzy-haired Greta Gerwig with a baby on her hip

 Looking for something completely satisfying to watch with the kids or with your friend who can't stop quoting 

satirized Trump's America in Knives Out, Rian Johnson takes aim at the billionaire tech brothers in this sequel set in a pandemic.

(Norton) on a private Greek island, where a gallery of guests has amassed straight from the Twitter timeline. 

Bautista's men's rights activist, Hahn's climate exchange baby kisser and Hudson's intricate fashion influencer among them

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