Nick Cannon has his twelfth child

Alyssa Scott's version gave birth to her teenage 1/3, Halo Marie Cannon, on December 14 following the December 2021 death of her and Nick's baby Zen.

She posted a video on Instagram to mark the new arrival on Thursday (12.29.22), along with the message

“Our lives are constantly changing. Zen is in every breath I take. I recognize the spirit of him with us inside the room that morning

 I realize he's looking over his shoulder at us. He suggests ordinary symptoms to me. I can keep this memory all the time.

“I can take into account the sound of Nick's voice announcing 'he's a lady' and the look on his face from all we've been through

 I can't forget the sound of his crying along with his first breath and feeling his heartbeat against mine.

“My sweet woman, I have my wonder!! We like you, Halo Marie Cannon,” he concluded.

Alyssa, 29, had her first child, Zeela, in February 2018, before having Zen with Nick in June 2021