Noah Centineo moves away from romantic comedies with 'The Recruit'

There will be a moment in the new Netflix series "The Recruit," starring Noah Centineo

when his man or woman, Owen, reveals himself in the middle of a gunfight.

Escaping a hail of bullets, Owen recognizes one of the people fleeing the other side as a girl he met in a bar.

 He momentarily forgets about his life-threatening situation and offers him a small wave of appreciation. 

It's moments like these that make “The Recruit” such an abnormal CIA drama. 

Sure, Centineo's Owen is a CIA employee who falls under the discipline of Jack Ryan's angels

but instead of immediately knowing what to do and how to protect himself, this CIA employee is a legal professional who is immediately in his head.

"The Recruit" is the brainchild of Alexi Hawley, the executive producer behind community TV shows "castle

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