“Now I feel like I have a center”: Priyanka Chopra Jonas opens up about welcoming daughter Malti and her lifestyle with Nick Jonas

At the end of a hundred-meter-long winding driveway, inside a sprawling Los Angeles property that might be imperfect for a modern mountaintop monastery

with walls and walls of huge metal-framed windows to enjoy the views. dominant views. From the San Fernando Valley, Priyanka Chopra Jonas is feeling pretty cooped up

Though there's plenty of room to spread out in the 23,000-square-foot home she stocks with her husband, Nick Jonas, the 40-year-old actor

the producer-entrepreneur seems happier this restrained, "applesauce crisscross" afternoon inside a playpen in the living room, while her 10-month-old daughter,

"Appropriate job! You did it with your toys!" Chopra Jonas applauds. Nicknamed "M" by her well-known father and mother, the baby places a pacifier

which elicits another congratulatory reaction ("yes ma'am!") from Priyanka, who has taken the last 12 months off to focus on her favorite role to date: being a mother.

It's a massive tempo swap. As Bollywood's most successful crossover star, with a career-launching win at the 2000 miss world beauty festival, Priyanka has been

Audiences who first met her eight years ago, when she landed the lead role of Alex Parrish on ABC's FBI drama Quantico, may also not know that she had already appeared in more than 50 films

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