PepsiCo layoffs point to corporate belt tightening extending beyound modern tech

PepsiCo is preparing to lay off hundreds of Americans at its three main divisional headquarters in a possible sign

that its brands may also fight to pass similar price increases on to indebted consumers.

PepsiCo, the beverage and snack giant, may be planting masses of employees.

But as analysts try to take a look at the evolution of the economy and the trajectory of rising food spending

 analysts were mixed on whether the declared cuts amounted to a business-as-usual exercise to keep operations lean, or something more.

Wall Avenue magazine said Monday that PepsiCo PEP, -0.81% laid off many employees 

The layoffs at PepsiCo could come amid a widening array of job cuts in the technology and media industries.

PepsiCo, as of last year, hired about 309,000 people worldwide, according to a document.

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