Phoenix Suns fall to Denver Nuggets in overtime as Devin Booker re-injures groin

They were overwhelmed by losing Devin Booker again to injury and an early deficit of 15 points.

Leading by eight points with less than five minutes remaining on the law, the Suns

pulled away from Denver with a victory desired by thousands on Christmas Sunday.

Then, nooubt, their turnovers  dbegan to pile up, Aaron Gordon stored dunks, Jamal

Murray started cooking, and the crowd of 19,642 that packed Ball Arena began to sincerely rock.

And Nuggets giant Nikola Jokic continued to deliver his old overall triple-double performance, 

all of that, plus sloppy fumbles, proved too much for Phoenix to conquer at a time of 128-125 beyond. regulation time. lost .

"I guess we played well, but honestly we didn't get those moral wins," said Chris Paul, the Suns'