Police File Walmart Has Canceled Holiday Giveaway Event Hosted By Gunna

Just days after his release from prison, Atlanta rapper Gunna had planned to give away $100,000 in gift cards

at a nearby Walmart. A Saturday file via South Fulton PD claims that Walmart canceled the event.

In a statement shared on Facebook, the department said that ahead of Sunday's event

which Walmart canceled, it was coordinating with the store to address security concerns. 

All other inquiries should be directed to the organization, according to a department spokesperson.

Hundreds of local families were expected to await Sunday's event at the South Fulton store on the Old Country Turnpike. 

About 1,000 families who registered earlier are supposed to receive a $100 gift card each.

Gunna, whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, was released from jail Wednesday night after reaching a plea deal in the big gang case 

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